SHINE - Participant Feedback

What Do Participants Think?

These are some of the things participants have said over the years who were asked to sum up their thoughts of SHINE:

  • "challenging.exciting.just fab.happy week.a great experience that I will never forget. I enjoyed every activity we did and wouldn"t change anything

One word to describe SHINE:

  • Great, excellent, good fun, funny, fantastic, great craic, addictive, super, enjoyable, witty, exciting, an experience to remember, marvellous, best week ever, great atmosphere, well ran, challenging.

A few words:

  • I made loads of new friends and also met up with some old ones.
  • I loved every bit of it.
  • Brilliant on excellent with everyone.

A few more words:

  • "I thought it was good fun and I would love to come again".
  • "This week was my favourite week so far this year because I had great craic and the helpers were great and helpful".
  • "It was the best week I"ve had in my life".
  • "This is my 9th time on the project and it was one of the most enjoyable". "Funny, exciting, good craic.It was great I loved it I would like to live here!"
  • "If I could I would come here every year forever. It was a fantastic week there is nothing I would change except I would like to be in the same group next year".
  • "I thought it was brilliant with all the activities especially archery & snakes & drums".
  • "It was cool, really cool, excellent!! It gives you a chance to be independent it"s a chance to make new friends, meet new people, get girlfriends!!"
  • "Bus drivers were very funny, everyone was very friendly, best ever" "Self-defence gave me a confidence boost! It made me more aware of my surroundings and it made me use muscles I never used before!"
  • "I liked being part of all the noise in the drum workshop"
  • "It was very enjoyable all the volunteers were very nice and I felt very safe"
  • "I thought this week was fantastic and I can"t wait to come back next year"
  • "I would change it to two weeks instead of one week! I learned that if you are determined enough you can achieve your goal"

Some thoughts from a Mayo participant:

What can I say? I think it is safe to say we all had a tremendous week in Galway.

I remember somebody asking me what the highlight of my week was, my reply was, "Where do I start?" For a start it seemed to me as if everyone got on so well together both volunteers and participants alike.

I really liked the way we were treated by the volunteers, nurses and Occupational Therapists.

The Atmosphere was brilliant, it was like being part of a big happy family. Every day was a highlight. It was a great week, I can"t wait to be back next year.

Thanks for an unforgettable week - looking forward to next year already.

Some thoughts from a Dublin participant:

I had a ball on the summer camp. It was fantastic. I met lots of new people. We did lots of activities.

We had karaoke on the first night. It was brilliant.

On the first week, I went swimming. It was not a normal day at the pool. It was very relaxing because the lady at the pool switched off the lights and played beautiful classical music for us. There were disco balls that made me feel like I was in another world. We had a picnic on the grass.

My favourite outings were the trips to the cinema, the bowling alley and the disco. I met a nice new friend from Switzerland. I really enjoyed being with her and loved the way she spoke English.

We had the best night ever on the last night. When we go to the disco, the music was on. It was brilliant. DJ Amos played all the songs I like - Chris Brown and Shane Ward. They also celebrated my birthday at the disco. I really thank them for that. I also thank the chefs for the lovely food. I hope to see them all again next year. Many thanks SBHI. You are all so good.


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