SHINE - Occupational Therapist

Roles and Responsibilities

The main function of the OT is to enable participants to participate in everyday life using meaningful and purposeful occupations.

You will report to: SHINE Coordinator

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • To conduct initial interviews with participants and/or their parents to identify goals for the week To work closely with individual participants and support them in their goal programme To monitor the needs of participants
  • To conduct shower and transfer assessments where necessary To recommend appropriate equipment where necessary
  • To run group OT sessions in areas of interest to participants such as cooking skills, money management, stress management, relaxation, arts ’n’ crafts
  • To maintain daily records and documentation.
  • To work closely with nurses in forming a morning timetable
  • To provide guidance and direction to care and activity volunteers To respect the dignity and confidentiality of participants To act as an advocate for participant if appropriate
  • To communicate with family and community services as required To make referrals to community OT’s as required Such other appropriate duties as may be required.

To become a SHINE Occupational Therapist you must:

  • Be 21 years of age, or older, by the 21st June prior to SHINE starting
  • Have experience and a formal qualification in occupational therapy
  • Be an excellent communicator
  • Have a positive and enthusiastic attitude
  • Be a caring, hard working, responsible and a patient person