SHINE - Kitchen Assistant

Roles and Responsibilities

Hours of work: approx 11.30 am – 7.00 pm Saturday – Thursday.

Please note that flexibility is required in line with programme of activities.

Overall Job Purpose: to assist the chef in preparing and serving meals (lunch and dinner) to the SHINE team (approx 50 people) in accordance with SBHI Kitchen Guidelines, maintaining health and safety standards at all times

Reporting to: Coordinator


  • Assist in the preparation of meals for Team
  • Follow Kitchen Guidelines/Menus and maintain health and safety standards at all times
  • Assist in the preparation of food for people on special diets
  • Serve all meals from serving table
  • Assist in managing a weekly food budget
  • Pick up daily food items every morning
  • Estimate food requirements from the menu and ordering from suppliers or getting food from storage
  • Assist in regulating the temperature of ovens, boilers, grills and roasters
  • Carry out other duties in keeping with the overall job purpose

To become a SHINE Kitchen Assistant you must:

  • Be 21 years of age, or older, by the 21st June prior to SHINE starting
  • Have experience and/or formal qualification Be an excellent communicator
  • Have a positive and enthusiastic attitude
  • Be a caring, hard working, responsible and patient person