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SHINE - Chef

Roles and Responsibilities

Hours of work: approx 11.30 am – 7.00 pm Saturday – Thursday.

Please note that flexibility is required in line with programme of activities.

Overall Job Purpose: to prepare and serve meals (lunch and dinner) to the SHINE team (approx 50 people) in accordance with SBHI Kitchen Guidelines, maintaining health and safety standards at all times

Reporting to: Coordinator


  • Preparing meals for Team
  • Follow Kitchen Guidelines/Menus and maintain health and safety standards at all times
  • Prepare food for people on special diets
  • Serve all meals from serving table
  • Manage a weekly food budget
  • Pick up daily food items every morning
  • Estimate food requirements from the menu and ordering from suppliers or getting food from storage
  • Supervise other cooks or kitchen helpers
  • Regulate the temperature of ovens, boilers, grills and roasters Carry out other duties in keeping with the overall job purpose

To become a SHINE Chef you must:

  • Be 21 years of age, or older, by the 21st June prior to SHINE starting
  • Have experience and/or a formal qualification Be an excellent communicator
  • Have a positive and enthusiastic attitude
  • Be a caring, hard working, responsible and a patient person