Our response to the COVID-19 vaccine allocation list

Our response to the COVID-19 vaccine allocation list

Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Ireland (SBHI) falls under the umbrella of a coalition of fifteen patient organisations (IPPOSI) who have written to the Taoiseach, Chair of the High-Level Task Force on Vaccination and Immunisation, Joint Committee on Disability Matters, and the Minister for Health to urge that people with chronic and/or rare diseases/conditions, of all ages, be treated as the highest priority in determining early vaccine recipients. To date, three separate letters have been sent out with no positive results.

Additionally, the Disability Federation of Ireland (DFI) formerly wrote to and met with Minister Rabbitte to highlight these pressing concerns. The chair of the High-Level Taskforce on Vaccination and Immunisation was also cc’d in the correspondence. The DFI have also written to the Taoiseach to highlight the need to re-establish the NPHET Vulnerable People Sub-Group and develop a formal means for the disability sector to engage with the High-Risk Sub-Group.

In summary, we are continually lobbying collectively with other organisations to amplify our message. We will provide any updates as they arise.

Thank you for your support.