2020-06-05 |

We need your help! We are calling on all our supporters to help fundraise for SBHI in the new nationwide fundraising campaign: #Challenge32

The pandemic has resulted in the cancellation and postponement of our major fundraising events. Summer usually brings a lot of excitement to our charity with many events ranging from our Family Fun Run to the likes of the Packie Bonner Golf Classic. Understandably, these events can no longer occur due to social distancing.

As these activities cannot take place as planned, we are ecstatic to announce that JustGiving in partnership with Charities Institute Ireland have launched Challenge 32 to bring the whole Irish charity sector together, encouraging people to join in and help support Irish charities!

Everybody can take part! All supporters need to do is think of an activity based around the number 32 which suits their skills and fundraise or donate from Saturday 20th June! It can be any activity they like, as long as it follows Government guidelines. Examples include juggling for 32 minutes, walking 32 laps around your garden, or even baking 32 cakes! Get creative with #Challenge32

For more information on how to get involved in Challenge 32, click here or email: [email protected]

Ideas to spark your creativity!

• Posting 32 dress up selfies

• Binge watching 32 episodes of your favourite show

• Create 32 flavours of ice-cream

• Learn 32 sayings (adages)

• Whip up and drink 32 cocktails (1-a-day!😊)

• Go vegetarian for 32 days

• Cook and share 32 potato recipes

• Send 32 ‘love letters’ to friends and family. Tell them how much they mean to you and nominate them to do their own #Challenge32!

• Learn to say ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’ in 32 languages

• Challenge 32 friends to virtual ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ battles – the winner has to grant a wish!

• 32 days of meditation

• 32 hours of silence

• Run a 32 question virtual quiz with your friends

• 32 seconds in an ice bath

• Attempt 32 yoga poses (picture proof!)

• Bake and decorate 32 cupcakes

• Auction 32 items from your home

• Host a 32-song karaoke night on Facebook live or any other platform

• Draw a portrait of 32 friends

• Hold a 32-question ‘Truth or Dare’ challenge with your friends

• 32,000 step challenge

• Raffle 32 items from your house

• Smash 32 minutes of burpees

• Eating contest with 32 pieces of food. It could be hot-dogs, cupcakes, chillies – you name it!

• 32 hour online gaming marathon

• Camping in your garden for 32 hours